Friday, April 26, 2013

Simple Ways To Earn Money Online

A lot of people asking me," How can I get money" ? or " How can I get money online ". My answer is you cant just get money,you have to earn it.So here are the top and legitimate simple ways to earn money online without spending a single cent.There are a lot of different ways for you to choose from like passive and not passive earning .But in general, it's a matter of choosing where it really suits your interest and time.

Here are the simple ways to choose from. I also gave some website links and a little overview for each type so you can start earning money online right after reading.I will also publish some reviews for these money making websites in the future.

1. Doing Simple Tasks Online. 

  • Cash Crate - A lot of companies are paying people just to take surveys or for doing some simple tasks. In Cash Crate you can answer those surveys or do the task for just 2-4 mins and get paid from 0.25 up to 5$ depending on the task. You can also try their referral bonuses by inviting your friends and get a referral bonus cash up to 9$ from Cash Crate for each friend who signed up.Here is the good thing,After signing up in Cash Crate you will have a free dollar directly to your Paypal account. 
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  • Dollar Surveys - This site is almost the same with Cash Crate. It also pays you a dollar after signing up. and pays you for taking some surveys. The only difference is that this site focuses on surveys.

  • Tapporo - This is an Android application that will pay you some points for viewing some trailers,downloading apps and doing some simple task and that points are convertible to Paypal cash! This is very nice because you can earn money on your mobile. 
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You can try this Websites too.

2. Making a Blog.
Setting up a Blog will cost you nothing and you can have a running blog in minutes.partnered with advertising methods, You can earn money even while you are sleeping! This is my favorite way to earn money online. earning passively.

Here are the list of websites where you can make a blog.
Note that they have different share percentage for the revenue the blog.
After having a Blog, Here are the list of methods where you can monetize your blog.

Advertising Banners -
It is a popular method where in the blogger has a guaranteed income.A lot of blogger prefers this kind of method.You need to have space for the ads in your blog like the banner,footer,left or right panel. For starters, you can put "Advertise Here" message in your blog or find companies that already has online advertising from the sites below.

  • BuySellAds- A lot of of advertisers were looking for blogs to place their ads.This is one of the best sites to find advertisers.Just click the "Sell Ads" tab from the home screen then you will choose an option for small,medium,large or media publishers. 
  • Sponsored Reviews -You can sign up as a blogger on this site then you can browse for advertisers/companies that are looking for bloggers to give a review on their products

Pay Per Click -
It is one of the easiest way to earn money online from a blog.You will be paid for every visitor who clicks the ad.
  • Google Adsense - Ever imagined being partnered with google? Google Adsense can maximize you revenue with their highest Pay Per Click rate and great CPM rate as well
  • Bing Ads- Almost the same with Google Adsense but their Click costs are about 30% lower that Google Adsense.

CPM Advertising - 
This method is also popular.good for websites that receives huge traffic. Your getting paid depends on the impression of your site not in clicks. GoogeAdsense also leads in this advertising method.

Affiliate Sales-
This method has a link on a product and if that product got sold, then you will have your commissions depending on the product. This is one of the biggest earner ads.

  • Amazon - You will have your commission for any product sold within 24 hours through clicking from your ads 
  • HostGator - You will have your commission for any visitor you link to them. The visitor needs to sign up 
  • ClickBank - Same with Amazon where in you can pick your product you want to promote and the commission will be based on the product you pick.

3. Freelancing Online.
Here are the Top 3 list of freelancing sites where you can find a project that suits you and get paid from 25$ up to 3000$ depending on the project.I do not prefer this way of earning since I have a regular job and I much prefer earning in a passive way

  • oDeskOne of the largest freelancing sites. has both hourly and fixed rate jobs,  There's no  membership fees and there are a lot of jobs to choose from. 
I have'nt tried these two freelancing sites below, But i posted it anyway if you like to try.

4.Article/Tutorial Writing.
If you love article writing then you should also try these sites below. They will ask you to write about something and pays you from 25$ - 200$ per article.It is one of the most straight  forward way to earn money online.

  • Link Worth - Pays you to write a review for their advertisers product.
  • ReviewMe - Review a product on your blog then get 20$ up to 200$.
  • Be a Guide - They hire you as a freelancer. You can choose if you can write for them as part time or full time.
  • BloggerWave - Almost same as Link Worth.
  • DayTipper - Pays 3$ per tip.
  • PayU2Blog - You will be given assignments and task you'll get paid upon completing it.

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